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GB Cycles
GB Cycles
Servicing & Workshop
Since the business was established in 1956, the workshop has always been right at the heart of Geoffrey Butler Cycles. We aim to provide excellent service, quick turnarounds, and value for money on all servicing and repairs, from a quick gear tune all the way to full strip down and reassembly of the bike. Our two expert mechanics, who can count over 50 years of combined experience in the trade, are equipped and skilled to repair any kind of bike imaginable. From Downhill mountain bikes, Road Racing and Time Trial machines, to Dutch-style town bikes, to folding bikes, we’ve seen everything come through the GB cycles workshop and we have the tools and skills to get them all working at their absolute best.

While we welcome any and all repairs, our mechanics’ experience has given them sought-after knowledge to work on certain brands in particular. Expertise with Campagnolo components has always been a key part of the service we offer, continuing at present with both our mechanics having received training in setting up and maintaining the electronic EPS components from the manufacturer. Of course, Shimano components are the world standard and the market leader, and we have skills and experience to look after them all, including hydraulic disc brakes, internal-gear hub systems, and the electronic Di2 drivetrains.

Whatever you ride and whatever riding you do, we are confident that when we service your bike, it will come back to you working exactly as it should.


Gold Service
£150 plus parts*

Strip, Clean, and Re-Build; The Gold service is our most prestigious workshop job.

Whether it’s an essential commute machine or your prized Sunday bike; with great care and skill we endeavour to give your bike its mojo back! The Gold service essentially includes nearly every service and cleaning element we can perform wrapped into one job making it extremely good value for money.
We will carefully strip the entire bike down to the frame. Every single item will be methodically cleaned and inspected, this includes checking the frame and fork for any damage or cracks. We also check interior areas of the frame including head-tube and bottom bracket threads etc. The drive-train including crank set, chain, cassette, front and rear derailleurs will be cleaned in our friendly but effective parts washer to remove all old oils, salt and grime and will shine once again! Once we are happy that both the frame and components are ready, we start the re-build process.

The headset is greased and re-fitted, new bearings fitted if needed*.
When the stem and handlebars are re-fitted, contact surfaces are checked for corrosion, bolts are re-greased where required and tightened to recommended torque settings.

Brakes will be re-assembled and re-installed, new pads fitted if required*. Hydraulic brake systems may require additional work (leaks, fluid top up, bleeding, correcting sluggish pistons etc) charges can depend on the problem as well as the make and model of the brakes, we will always discuss this with you.

The drive-train and derailleurs are re-installed and adjusted. All pivot points in the derailleurs will be re-lubed for smooth gear changing, salt protection and increased durability.

Quite often the chain and cassette will need to be replaced depending on wear, occasionally chain rings too. We will always pick up on these and discuss our recommendations prior to replacement. 

Brand new inner cables are fitted* and we would usually fit new outer cables to bring out the best in the components but if the existing outers are in good health then we will re-fit them. (cables are not included in price of service*).

If you have a road bike with bar tape, the tape will have to be removed to fit new outer cables, naturally new bar tape will be required as it’s rare that the old tape can be re-used.

In a Gold service we will re-wrap your bars at no additional labour charge. The bar tape will be charged for, but the choice of tape is yours.

The hubs will be thoroughly greased and re-assembled. Loose ball arrangements may require new balls and/or cones but originals are re-used if healthy. Cartridge bearings will be replaced where needed*. If the cartridge bearings are healthy, the seals will be lubed and axles adjusted for maximum weather resistance.

The wheels will be cleaned and inspected for wear or cracks. Spoke tensions will be checked and then the wheels will be trued and dished.

Tyres will be checked and inflated correctly. Replaced if required*.

The seat post will be re-fitted with the appropriate grease or carbon paste. The clamp is then tightened to the recommended torque.

Once the bike is fully assembled, we will test and fine tune the entire bike making sure everything is spot on. A quick road test is carried out to ensure everything behaves as it should under load. This also clarifies that there are no clicks odr creaks present before signing the job off.
Silver Service

plus parts*

Our most popular service.

The aim of the service is to ensure that your bike performs as well as it possibly can, that no issues are causing premature wear to components and most importantly that the bike is safe and reliable. Here’s what we do:

Frame and fork checked for damage/cracks

Spoke tensions checked and wheels trued.

Tyres checked and inflated correctly.

Inner and outer cables checked for corrosion, frays or wear inside the outer cable.

Brakes checked and adjusted.

Gears adjusted and the mech hanger will be aligned if required.

Headset checked and adjusted.

Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted with correct grease or carbon paste.

Hubs checked for play and adjusted. (Cartridge bearings will need to be replaced if worn)

Bottom bracket checked, pedals and cranks removed and greased before re-fitting if required.

All bolts and fasteners checked and set to correct torque setting.
For the silver service we would ask you to bring your bike in a relatively clean state. No cleaning is included in the £70 and if any cleaning is required to carry out repairs, it will be charged accordingly.

It is becoming increasingly popular to take advantage of our cleaning services, for an extra £30 we can remove and thoroughly de-grease the chain, cassette, chainset, Front/Rear Mech. Extras like this can always be discussed when dropping off the bike.

Bronze Service

£40 plus parts

The basic service is recommended for newer bikes or bikes with low use since new. It can include proper setup of a brand new bike purchased elsewhere.

Brakes checked and adjusted.

Gears checked and adjusted.

Cranks and pedals checked and correctly tightened.

Tyres checked and pumped up.

Headset checked and adjusted.

A visual check of everything else is carried out.

How long will a service take?

We always aim to turn around any Service in a 24 hour period, as long as all spares or replacement parts are in stock. Should there be any reason for delay, we will notify you and do our best to minimise the wait.

Customers can bring their bikes in during normal shop hours and a pick date and time will be agreed at drop off.
We can be flexible, if you need to bring a bike in on Saturday and collect it the following Saturday, no problem. Just discuss your needs with us.  
We would ask you to collect your bike within a week of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time**.
*replaced parts will be charged extra, we will try our best to quote for new parts needed when the bike is checked in. Our mechanics will call to confirm any prices for parts needed that may arise during the work on your bike.

Other Services

If your bike doesn’t necessarily require one of our 3 set level services, we can carry out any individual job. Below are just a few popular jobs with guide prices but you name the job, we can do it.


  • 6-8 Week service.
    If you buy a bike from us, we will carry out a thorough checkover after you have covered a few “settling in” miles. There are elements to a bike that might need re-tweaking, gear cables can stretch for example. Other areas include spoke tensions, bolt torque settings, bearing pre-loads etc. We will cover all aspects for complete peace of mind and to ensure that everything will operate correctly giving a safe and longest possible. This is strictly for bikes purchased from us, proof of purchase will be required and if outside the 8 week term, labour charges may apply.  Gear Setup, £20.00 Check and adjust all gear settings. This charge includes inner cable replacement if a cable is purchased (does not include hanger alignment).
  • Brake Setup, £15.00 per brake
    Check and adjust front and rear brakes for safe and correct operation. This charge includes fitting new pads if purchased.
  • Fitting new bottom bracket,£20-30
  • Fitting a chain, £10.00
    The chain on your bike is the first part to wear, it stretches. As it wears past a certain point it will then wear out the teeth on your cassette and chainrings. If this is periodically checked and the chain replaced in time, you will greatly preserve the life of the other parts. Drop in any time and we can accurately determine the wear and whether it should be changed or not. Gear indexing charged at £15 extra if required.
  • Mech/Derailleur Hanger Alignment, £15.00
    The mech hanger is a crucial part that is often overlooked, it holds the rear mech directly in line with the rear wheel and sprockets. If you are having problematic shifting regardless of how hard you try to tune the rear mech, then it’s more than likely that the hanger is slightly bent. The only way to establish whether or not it’s correct is to remove the derailleur and attach a special tool in its place. This tool checks its position in relation to the wheel in infinite positions allowing perfect calibration. Warning! The rear mech often gets knocked and being made of alloy, the hanger bends easily, the result can be disastrous! The chain can drop down between the spokes and the cassette as it turns, the events that follow include broken spokes, the mech being dragged around striking and breaking breaks the frame, followed by the rider having a crash with the loss of control. The £15 is a small price to pay! Gear indexing will be charged at £15 extra afterwards if required.
  • Fitting a new headset, from £10.00
    This covers fitting most types of headset and into a frame. Steerer tube cutting and bung fitting are charged as extras.
  • Replacing headset, £20.00
    Removing an existing headset and fitting a new one.
  • Headset Service, £20.00
    Removing headset cleaning, and replacing bearings where needed.*
  • Fitting bar tape, £10.00
  • Fit Mudguards, From £15.00
  • Fit Pannier Rack, £10.00
  • Fit Computer, £10.00
    We will neatly fit the sensor/sensors and head unit, calibrate head unit including tyre size, units, date and time etc. Some wired or cadence systems may be extra. Free fitting for computers bought in store!
  • Light fitting, £5.00
    Free fitting for lights bought in store.
  • Stabilizer fitting, from £10.00
  • Fork Fitting, £40.00
    Upgrading your fork? Maybe this a part of a build up that you’re not sure about doing yourself? No problem, leave it to us. We have all the tools for cutting the steerer tube, fitting the crown race and steerer bung. We’ll correctly set up the headset and stem assembly too. Brake setup may apply.
  • Pedal fitting, £5.00
    Free fitting for pedals bought in store, removal of old pedals can be extra. If your pedals are seized in we can usually get them out, but occasionally either the pedal or crank may be damaged to save the important part. Charges dependent on job.
  • Fit Pedal Cleats, £8.00
    we will install the cleats to the base of your cycling shoes. This is free when you are buying pedals in store. If the old cleat bolts require drilling to remove, a charge of £15 will apply.
  • Puncture Repair (Fit new inner tube), £10.00
    We do not repair punctured tubes, for reliability and assurance we fit a brand new inner tube. As a part of this process we will find and remove anything that could have caused the puncture then inspect your tyre and rim for health.
  • Tubeless tyre fitting, from £20 to £35.00
    Fitting of a tubeless ready tyre to a tubeless ready rim. Valve and rim tape extra if required. we supply Stan's or Bontrager sealant as part of the labour charge.
  • Wheel True, from £17.50-£20
    Charge can vary depending on how badly your wheel is out of true.
    Extra labour may be charged if spokes are replaced, especially if we have to remove and refit such parts as tyre, cassette and disc rotor etc.



A dirty bike is always an unhappy bike; grit, sand and salt play havoc with the various moving parts on a bike. A clean bike isn’t just shiny paint work, it’s much deeper than that. While we’re cleaning your bike, we’ll also cast an eye over the bike and make any notes regarding its mechanical condition.

Bike Wash, £35.00
Don’t have the space or facilities to wash your bike at home? We can do it for you. We’ll thoroughly wash down a muddy/dirty bike removing road dirt, mud and salt. The bike is dried and re-lubed after to prevent corrosion. This does not include a drive-train de-grease, and if there is a large amount of oil/grease spread onto the frame from the drive-train, then the degrease will be required as it is a separate job with different products. This does not include any adjustments.

De-Grease, £45.00
This greatly reduces component wear as that black dirt building up is full of grit and carbon dust and acting like a grinding paste! Adding more oil just makes it worse too! In a de-grease, all drive components are removed and cleaned in our friendly but effective parts washer. All dirt, oil, and grime including corrosive salt is removed and the parts will shine once again! The Chain and other moving parts will be lubed/greased after the clean. In this service gear adjustment may be required and is charged at half the usual rate at just £10. Sometimes new inner cables are needed if they fray on re-assembly.*

Full Valet, £70
Save £10 and combine the two above cleaning services. Have the entire bike brought back to its former shine! This isn’t just good on the eye but it ensures that your bike’s essential mechanical components are happy. Chain and other pivots are re-lubed or greased after the wash. Suspension seals are also cleaned and treated in this service. Our full valet has a very good reputation, it may just be in the mind but the bike always feels ten times better to ride! 



Hydraulic Disc Brake systems have changed the “bike stopping” world as we know it, being super powerful and consistent. In the form of 2 or 4 piston systems very much like those on a car or motorbike, they are appearing on more and more bikes of all types. Whilst they do pretty much look after themselves, there are however some essential jobs that need doing every now and then to keep them in top form. Fear not, we can carry out repairs to get the best out of virtually any hydraulic brake system.

Disc brake pad replacement, £15.00
Disc pads are far more durable than rim brake pads but the time to replace will eventually come. We carry nearly every pad type out there, and if not we can get them. The pads will be replaced, the pistons returned to their neutral position and the caliper is checked for correct alignment.  Price of pads is not included and varies from brake to brake.*

Bleeding hydraulic disc brakes, £15-25 per brake
The fluid inside your brake can slowly absorb dirt and air, this hinders performance and if ignored for too long it can cause irreparable damage to the inside of your brake. In turn this can lead to poor performance or complete failure. The best way to avoid this is to have the brake bled. This process removes all the old fluid and flushes any dirt and air bubbles out. A thoroughly bled brake will have a much better lever feel, self adjust to pad wear and live a longer service life. Hint, if you notice excessive travel at the brake lever (pulling back closer to the handle bar) or any adverse noises from your hydraulic brake, have it looked at immediately! Charges vary dependent on make and model as they have different bleeding processes.

Hydraulic brake fitting, £15-25
Need an upgrade? If you want a better set of disc brakes, or an upgrade from cable operated discs? This service includes shortening and proper routing of hoses as well as re-bleeding after. We will fit a set of hydraulic disc brakes absolutely free when purchased in-store.

Disc Brake Caliper alignment, £10.00 per brake

Disc Mount facing (optimizing) £40.00
When a caliper is mounted to the frame or fork with an I.S mount, there is no way of adjusting the angle of the caliper. When this is mis-aligned the disc brake can be noisy and cause uneven/premature pad wear. The only way to rectify this is to optimize or face the surface of the mounts. This process removes uneven paint and actually cuts the surface where the brackets to the exact angle it needs to be. We use a Magura Gnann-O-Mat Disc Optimizer that attaches in place of the hub for perfect calibration. If your brakes are “post mounted” which is far more common on newer bikes there is very little chance of you needing this but we can check the posts anyway.


The wheel is by far the most important part of a bike, many high end bikes will have a wheelset that exceeds the price of the frame and this makes perfect sense.

Off the peg wheels these days are amazing but most experienced cyclists and shop staff will tell you that there is no better wheel than one hand built by an experienced wheel builder, for both ride feel and durability. No wheel building machine can rival the “touch” needed. A Bespoke wheel gives you the ability to choose the exact individual components for the riders needs. All our wheel building takes place in house at Geoffrey Butler Cycles by our Wheel Builder. He has over 30 years of wheel-building experience and has previously been listed as best wheel builder in the UK by the cycling press. We offer a large selection of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples from most manufacturers, we will order in rims and hubs to complete any build, and build wheels with customer supplied components.

We can also rebuild your existing wheels.

Please feel free to visit the shop and speak to us about you requirements or let us help you choose the right set of wheels for your needs.

With many years of combined experience in store and as riders our mechanics are adept at working on and tuning suspension systems from all brands. Coupled with the use of suspension/shock refurbishment companies such as Mojo and TF Tuned we can get your Full Suss back on the trails.

We usually return specialized suspension units to their own HQ service department. For all other brands of suspension such as RockShox and Fox, we use TF Tuned and Mojo. All Companies have been outstanding with turn-around times and exceptional craftsmanship. Serviced units are returned to us looking and feeling like new with confident guarantees on all work. All frame/pivot work is done in house with high end tool kits. We are an official Specialized trained FSR service centre and have access to their frame specific tooling.

Prices can vary but typical charges are: Full suspension pivot and bush change, £40-80 Cost varies depending on bike suspension system, the price of bearing and bush kits are charged as an extra.* In some cases we will need to order the correct kit for your frame.

Fork service with Mojo or TF Tuned, from £100.00 We will ship your suspension fork to the best suited service company where it will be handled by the best in the business. The unit will be fully re-built with new oil, bushes and seals. Often internals are upgraded the latest spec. The fork will be dyno tested before return. Fork removal and re-fitting is extra, typically £25 as it involves the headset and front brake. Shipping is a separate charge.   

Rear Shock Service, £120.00
Shock removal and re-fitting is extra. Typically £15           

Rear Shock Eye Bush Replacement, from £20.00
Many rear shocks are mounted into the frame with bushes, these are like a bearing but as they don’t have to move as much or as freely as a bearing, they are solid with a coating for durability. When they are worn out you will notice some play or movement in the pivots at the end of the shock. Tightening the bolts will make no difference, they will have to be replaced before they damage the mounting hardware of the frame. This requires special tooling for removal and fitting, but that’s no problem we have it all! We do our best to stock bushes for most shocks and we’ll special order ones we dont. Suspension Tune/Rider setup - £20.00 If your bike’s suspension is covered in all the bells and whistles, it can be a little daunting to set up, especially as one adjustment can directly affect two others! “Red and blue dials?”, “what does the tortoise do?”, “why are there two air valves?” Here in the workshop we’ve seen it all before, so just give us your rider weight and we’ll do the rest. When we give the bike back to you we will be happy to explain the setup and any changes we’ve made. We’ll also give you some tips to alter the bike to your personal preference. Note. If your suspension is air sprung, you will need a special pump to keep pressures correct as it is slowly lost over a period of time, much like you keep the tyres at the right pressure. If you don’t have one, we can supply one.



Build of a new frame and new components, £120-160
Cost depending on frame type and whether cables are internal or external, but we can get pretty much anything ready to ride.

Build of new frame with an electronic groupset, £150.00
We are fully trained in Campagnolo EPS and Shimano di2 electronic gear systems. We can install, tune and update firmware as well as customise shift profiles. We also carry a good selection of electronic parts and accessories.    

Fitting a new groupset and wheels onto an old frame, £120.00
Includes cost to strip down frame, clean and fitting of new groupset.    

Bike Build from Box, £40 to £80
We would ask all customers to collect their bike within a week of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time. Bikes not collected after a 5 month period will be disposed of or sold to cover costs           

*replaced parts will be charged extra, we will try our best to quote for new parts needed when the bike is checked in. Our mechanics will call to confirm any prices for parts needed that may arise during the work on your bike. Work will only be finished after we have spoken to you.