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Sportsbalm Warm Up Muscle Balm

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Medium Balm is a medium grade muscle warming balm. When thoroughly applied, Medium Balm acts as a protective, water resistant, breathable layer. It protects and insulates the muscles, whilst stimulating and thus enhancing the blood transport systems, keeping the capillaries open without coagulating the pores. Medium balm is suited to cold and wet weather conditions, at temperatures between 0°C and 10°C.

Hot Balm is a powerful muscle warmer, suited to extreme weather conditions below 3°C. It is also ideally suited to poor circulative areas, such as the knees, ankles and Achilles tendon. The ingredients are precisely balanced to ensure optimal function during extreme cold weather conditions.

  • Why System Red?
  • Protects the muscles against cold and rain whilst retaining warmth
  • The mixed base of pharmaceutical grade Vaseline and white oil, together with added essential ingredients ensures a continual, optimal functioning of the muscles and connective tissue
  • Penetrates deeply into the skin
  • Redistributes blood to active muscles
  • Improves elasticity of muscles and connective tissues
  • Improves oxygen uptake
  • Optimizes excretion of waste products – CO2
  • Stimulates blood circulation in active muscles
  • Does not coagulate pores
  • Keeps the capillaries open stimulating and enhancing the blood transport systems

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