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GB Cycles
GB Cycles
Schwalbe Inner Tube SV7A
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Schwalbe 20x1 1/8 SV(Presta) Inner Tube SV7A

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Besides the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber compound is decisive for the quality of the tube. Before extrusion, the basic material is forced through a total of seven filters under enormous pressure.
All valves are nickel-plated and threaded.
The valve core is always replaceable.
Every Schwalbe tube is 100% recyclable.
Right now every Schwalbe standard tube is made up of 20% recycled old tubes.

Applicable Tyre Sizes:

37-438 - 20 x 1 3/8
28-440 - 500 x 28a

37-440 - 500 x 35a

28-451 - 20 x 1 1/8

37-451 - 20 x 1 3/8
Schwalbe Inner Tube SV7A
Schwalbe 20x1 1/8 SV(Presta) Inner Tube SV7A
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