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NamedSport ISONAM Energy Drink  Lemon 480g NamedSport ISONAM Energy Drink  Orange 480g
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NamedSport ISONAM Energy Drink 480g

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NamedSport ISONAM Energy Drink 480g
This supplement in powder form, is designed for the preparation of an isotonic drink (314.24 mosm / L). Isonam features magnesium and potassium which helps muscle functionality. Magnesium also contributes to normal electrolyte balance and together with vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The added ginseng has a tonic effect and is recommended for physical and mental fatigue. The 3g of creatine improves physical performance during repetitive, high intensive and short exercises. The beneficial effect is obtained with a 3g creatine daily intake. Thanks to its special blend of carbohydrates (maltodextrin and dextrose 6% p/v), which are assimilated by the body at different speeds, Isonam Energy has an osmotic pressure identical to that of plasma and this helps give a rapid passage through the gastric system and faster assimilation into the intestine."
•Isotonic for rapid absorption and restoration of the hydrosaline losses due to sweating                                                                                    
•With 100% pure Creatine Creapure® quality (3g per serving)
•Magnesium promotes good muscle function and helps prevent cramping
•Potassium plays a role in muscle functionality
•Vitamins C and B6 help combat tiredness, fatigue and promote energy metabolism
•Ginseng can have a positive effect if feeling fatigued. Perfect for hydration and performance during endurance exercise.        

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